Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 67 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 66 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 65 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 64 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 63 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 62 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 61 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 60 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 59 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 58 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 57 Организиране, фото и видеозаснемане и озвучаване на сватби 56

It’s time for a wedding. How do you imagine your special day?

It could be a wonderful garden wedding (just like what you have seen in the movies), a glorious ballroom or a reception on the beach.

However, the most important thing is who will make your dream come true and how much exactly that costs. It is really expensive to hire a professional wedding agent and you have already seen how your close friend’s wedding is ruined because she has decided to trust some friends who “do weddings”.
The truth is that you need someone who knows how to organize wedding parties, who can give you some valuable advice and tips, who can help you spend your budget in the best possible way. You need a professional consultant. Thanks to our long experience and a big variety of services, we offer a free consultation to each one of our clients. We do not only want to make wedding planning easier for you, but also guarantee your calmness and careless smiles at the wedding.
It is important for us that you feel the positive vibe of this celebration and it is our job to capture this moment forever.

An individual plan
 devised specifically for your wedding day
A schedule for the whole day
 so that everything goes well
A sensible distribution of the budget
so that you can realize all of your ideas
Important tips and directions
for the whole wedding day
Help with choosing
 a venue
Help with choosing
of a ritual hall
Help with choosing
of church


















Recommendations about
a video or photo shoot location.
Ideas for gifts
and souvenirs for the guests
Advice about
wedding attire, accessories, make-up and hairstyle
Traditional customs and wedding games
a show for your wedding party.
Recommendations about the right choice of
singers, dancers and bands
Sound and lighting
for a real and unique party atmosphere
You get
 your dream wedding day


  • 1


    a guest list

  • 2


    a rough wedding budget

  • 3

    A meeting

    with Philipoff Entertainment – it is free


  • Making

    a guest list

  • Setting

    a rough wedding budget

  • Choosing

    a restaurant

  • Choosing

    a ritual hall or an outdoor ceremony

  • Choosing

    a church

  • Choosing

    a wedding host

  • Choosing

    a wedding DJ

  • Choosing

    a wedding photographer

  • Choosing

    a wedding videographer

  • Choosing

    a wedding decorator

  • Choosing

    a wedding florist

  • Choosing

    the best lighting

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Сватбен фотограф и видеограф от Филипов Ентъртеймънт ООД

A wedding host – the wedding is carried out in English, German or Bulgarian

A wedding DJ – there is no limit and no restrictions as to musical genres
A wedding photographer who adapts according to your taste and ideas
A wedding videographer – and video shoot producer
Stage lighting with a smoke machine

At Philipoff Entertainment, we never compromise on the quality of our services and products. We believe that each one of you deserves the most beautiful wedding photos; the most exciting party you have dreamed about and a wonderful film which will help you experience the emotion of your wedding day again and again.

That’s why the people who work with us are only well-trained and accomplished professionals – DJs and hosts, photographers and designers, camera operators and editors. We always use the latest technology and the most modern equipment.


Often people forget how important security is in every detail for events that happen once in a lifetime, not only concerning the human factor, but also the reliability of the equipment and preserving a huge amount of information.

We have thought about all of these things and we have put a lot of effort in reducing the risk to the minimum with a big professional team, high-class equipment and constantly archived data on our servers.


We make the preparation for your wedding party much easier and faster. We devise a complete plan and set timing for the whole wedding at a single meeting in our office. We fix all the details on the newlyweds’ preparation, the photo shoot and the games and traditional customs in the restaurant according to schedule (saying at what time each thing needs to take place).

We provide an office with a contact number of the team you have chosen and a reliable server.



The truth is that the price matters. With us, It is determined in the way every successful business does, by a well-calculated analysis of expenses and investments, and not the way every freelancer does: “I think I deserve this much”.

With our packages, we manage to offer you high quality at a lower price, compared to what you get if you take each service separately in the way wedding agencies work.

Сватбен оператор и фотограф 3
Our server guarantees
preserving your photos and videos before you receive them
An individual cloud space
where we store all of your pictures, the film, and the trailer for a 10 years’ time
A link for sharing
the materials with your friends and family – for everyone or just for the ones you have selected
27-inch iMac with a Retina 5K display
for real colors in the wedding photos and video processing
A completely licensed, professional software,
updated to the last official version – Adobe LightRoom & Photoshop, FinalCut Pro X, VirtualDJ, ADJ MyDMX, Mac OS.


SOFIA 1404, GOCE DELCHEV, block 261

Phones: +359 888299217

Welcome to our office. We are always willing to consult you and give you some valuable advice about your event planning. We will clarify everything related to our services and put you in touch with the right people for everything else.