The package includes a wedding DJ and host for 5 hours, a photographer and a camera operator for 10 hours


The package includes a wedding DJ and host for 5 hours, a photographer and a camera operator for 10 hours, high-quality professional equipment, expert processing of all photos, a processed film and trailer.

сватбен пакет PERFECT DAY

• A DJ for 5 hours

• A host for 5 hours

• Equipment suitable for venues with up to 200 people

• Additional equipment for an outdoor ceremony

• A photographer for 10 hours

• High-quality photo equipment that includes a full frame photo camera and high
brightness lenses

• A private photo shoot for the newlyweds

• Artistic photo processing

• Видеооператор за 10 часа

• Full HD видеозаснемане (може и 4К с доплащане)

• A camera operator for 10 hours

• Full HD video (with an option for 4К at an additional price)

• LED video lighting

• Film processing of the video

• A trailer with the most interesting moments on the wedding day

• A link to the film, trailer and the photos at maximum resolution

• An additional link in lower quality for easy sharing with your family and friends

A short description of the package:

It includes professional sound with high-quality equipment, music selection, organizing wedding customary and traditional activities, games in the restaurant by a professional DJ, and a host in the time span of 5 hours. The party may continue longer at an overtime cost of 100/h. Photo and video shooting of the event from the bride and groom’s homes until the end of the evening in the restaurant, a private photo shoot of the newlyweds, professional photo processing, a video and a trailer. You receive a link to the files on our server, with all the photos in JPG, the film and the trailer. The video and photo team may stay longer, if so, overtime is payed after the tenth hour of work: 200/h.
There are is no additional cost for all events with up to 200 people, within the boundaries of Sofia-Grad, and the time limit of 5 hours for the DJ, and 10 hours for the photo and video team.

You can book a particular date after meeting with us to discuss all the details around the event and make a deposit in advance.

You can add the following things at a (lower) price to each package:

  • A Hard Cover (And Hard Pages) Fancy Photo Album
  • Ambient Lighting which improves the wedding decoration
  • Lighting For a Genuine Party Feeling
  • A Smoke Machine with a Regular or Heavy Smoke
  • Outdoor Sound Services (for a ceremony outside the restaurant)
  • A Host for an Outdoor ceremony
  • 4К Photo (Shooting)
  • A Drone Photo/or Video from air
  • An Additional (Second) Photographer
  • An Additional (Second) Video Operator
  • Pre-wedding Video
  • Pre-wedding Photo Shoot
  • A Wedding Photo Shoot on a Separate Day in an Attractive Location
  • Live Music – A Male or Female Singer or a Band
  • Dancers or a Big Dancing Ensemble
  • A Folklore Ensemble with a Singer and a Piper

There is a possibility for a combination of one or more services different from our main packages

If you are interested in such, please, make your inquiry here, knowing that it is necessary to mention the date, the number of guests, and the event location. We will make an individual offer for you.